Japan Porcelain Painters Association (J.P.P.A.) is a nationwide nonprofit organization for professional teachers of porcelain painting.

The organization has been instrumental in the promotion of mutual friendship among the members, the exchange of information and the advanced education of painting techniques.
J.P.P.A. places its goal through its activities in supporting charity and social programs.

Membership applications are reviewed every three years. Applicants must meet the association's requirements and must receive recommendation from a present member. New members are required to submit their artwork with the name of their sponsor at the general meeting.

The total membership is 308 as of February 28, 2018.

Board of Directors 2015–2016
Ten directors are chosen by election and undertake the management of the association.

Ryuko Kojima
Vice Presidents:
Shizuko Wakikawa, Setsuko Ochiai
Keiko Tanaka, Norie Komiyama, Hikari Ueda, Yoshiko Okazaki, Youko Nankawa, Kazuyo Nishio, Miyoko Matama